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Nestlé GLOBE “Kick-off” event coverage

The GLOBE technology teams from Nestlé recently held a briefing event to “Kick-Off” the year which we were invited to video record and edit. Using a four camera set-up, we recorded each of the presentations and then relocated for an hour mid event to run around recording sessions at a fun exhibition in the room next door. Each project team had their own stand to show off their projects and innovations to the other team members. It was a very hectic afternoon but fun to cover.

For events like this, we find the post-production process is greatly streamlined by using Vimeo Pro to get rapid feedback from the client. As soon as a module was done, we post it into an album we set-up specifically for the project. We then send the album link to the client with a password to protect it. As soon as we added new files to the album, the client was sent an email update letting them know that a new or updated video was there to review. They could view the files virtually anywhere, which was useful as our client had a course in Switzerland mid way through the post production process. It also enabled them to quickly provide feedback for any changes which ensured the post production process kept moving along quickly. We find this off-the-shelf solution is greatly streamlining the delivery process on projects with lots of video modules to deliver.

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